CSNC wants to thank their volunteers who attended last week’s volunteer project in the Traverse Creek Botanical Special Interest area! We closed down multiple OHV roads and signed locations as closed to OHV’s to help ensure that the sensitive plant species will continue to survive in this unique serpentine area. Annie Walker identified and flagged some sensitive plants, including the Van Zuuk’s Morning-Glory and Tripod Buckwheat. See links below for more information about these plant species. Thank you again volunteers and we look forward to having you out again soon!

For more information:

Traverse Creek Botanical Special Interest Area:http://www.fs.fed.us/wildflowers/regions/Pacific_Southwest/TraverseCreek/index.shtml

Van Zuuk’s Morning-Glory:http://www.rareplants.cnps.org/detail/3837

Tripod Buckwheat:http://www.rareplants.cnps.org/detail/1672.html