June 9th Workday

June was a great month for CSNC; we had 136 hours of volunteer support from 14 volunteers at our watershed workdays. We look forward to continuing this hard work in July. With about an acre restored in June, we can’t wait to see our July results!

With your help, we can protect sensitive habitat and resources throughout Eldorado National Forest.

June 1st – 8th:  This week our crew monitored sites around Omo Ranch and continued their work in Grizzly Flat. The crew saw many wildflowers while out monitoring and restoring sites throughout the week including:  Wavyleaf paintbrush (Castilleja applegatei), larkspur (Delphinium variegatum), Snowplant (Sarcodes sanguinea), Purple Foxglove (Digitalis purpurea), Pygmy Rose (Rosa bridgesi),  Torrey’s Monkeyflower (Mimulus torreyi), and Spotted Coralroot Orchid (Corallorhiza maculata).

June 9th – 15th: This week we had TWO great Watershed Workdays in Grizzly Flat with a total of nine volunteers to help restore a long site that leads down to an stream that feeds into the north fork consumes river. Our volunteers had the delight of seeing Spotted Coralroot Orchid (Corallorhiza maculata), Pygmy Rose (Rosa bridgesi), Indian Paintbrush (Castilleja miniata), Frageria virginiana (wild strawberry), Erysimum capitatum (wallflower), and ceanothus parviflolius (little leaf ceanothus).

June 16th – 22nd:  On June 21st, we had six amazing watershed warriors come out and tackle a steep site in desperate need of restoration. Our volunteers and crew placed large woody debris to remove deep rills, recovered contour with woody debris and duff, and covered bare ground to encourage future growth and reduce erosion.  It was a hot one but our volunteers worked hard and got to enjoy a cool lunch down by the creek, discussing and identifying wildflowers nearby.

June 23rd – 29th: This week our crew hosted another watershed workday in Grizzly Flat, completing a site near Grizzly Flat that we have been working on throughout June. The crew also hosted their fellow SNAP member (Sierra Nevada Americorps Partnership) Crew Stover. He helped us  set  a final exclusion, helping conclude work on this site. Throughout the week we saw many beautiful blooms. We also checked in on our transplants from our January 15th, MLK Watershed Workday and found more successful new growth!

On April 28th we transplanted 18 tree seedlings and iris. In June, our crew went back to check on their progress and to our delight they spotted new growth on numerous seedlings and iris (pictured below). Successful transplants help restore sites after we have done our work by improving infiltration of roots and water into compacted soil.

New Growth on Transplants from 4/28 Watershed Workday

June 27th Workday
June 13th Workday
June 21st Workday
June 9th Workday