img_5711Please help us extend a warm welcome to our new AmeriCorps team members, Jessy Linzy and Caleb Van Rossum! With their help, we will continue working to protect ecosystem values and the long-term sustainability of our natural resources for future generations.

Jessy first discovered her love of the outdoors while exploring the foothills of the Sierra Nevada as a child and continued cultivating this passion after moving to Virginia Beach. She eventually ended up in Hawaii where she learned about and embraced the culture’s belief in “Malama ‘aina” – the responsibility of humanity to care for the land in order tosustain life and preserve it for future generations. After graduating from Hawaii Pacific University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, she began work as an ecosystem restoration field worker with the Oahu Army Natural Resource Program, focusing mainly on invasive species removal and habitat restoration. Although she loved living and working in Hawaii, Jessy is ready to bring everything she learned about respecting our natural resources back home. As the Stewardship Assistant at the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation, she hopes she will be able to share this knowledge as well as gain new experiences that will help her continue to protect the natural world. On her off time, Jessy enjoys hiking and exploring with her dog, Joe.

Growing up in Southern California, Caleb found an early love for nature in the southern Sierra. It was from these experiences he gained a love for preserving and understanding the beauty this world has to offer. He is currently pursuing an education in Forestry with a focus in Hydrology conservation. He has spent the last few years working at an after school program in Watts, CA, teaching inner city kids about what it means to be environmentally conscious. His passions include exploring new places, environmental education, and music. This year as the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation’s Restoration Technician is going to be an exciting one, as he gets to further explore and get to know the Sierras.


Jessy and Caleb can’t wait to get started on a new restoration year!