July 26th Watershed Workday

July flew by! Our crew hosted two volunteer events, restored about 1 acre, monitored 23 sites, and had the opportunity to assist with another SNAP host site’s event. The crew joined American River Conservancy’s River  Cleanup on the South Fork of the American River on the 19th, helping remove truckloads of trash while rafting down the lower gorge. Later in the month, the crew hosted a volunteer event at a beautiful alpine lava cap area near Mud lake. Volunteers helped remove fire rings and disguise an OHV intrusion.  After a hard day’s work at elevation, we took our volunteers to the Tragedy Spring’s picnic area for lunch. What a treat! 

Highlights of July:

Total Volunteer Acreage: 0.4089 

Total Volunteer Hours: 64

Total Volunteers: 8 

Total Acres Restored in July by Crew & Volunteers: 0.928 acres

Total Sites Monitored: 23

Volunteers with our crew taking lunch at our July 12th Watershed Workday
Volunteers Mae and Marty removing a fire ring at our July 26th Watershed Workday
View of Silver Lake from July 26th
View of a healthy section of the forest near Grizzly Flat

Upcoming Volunteer Events:

Saturday August 4th–  On our final Saturday Watershed Workday, we will be disguising a trail using duff and woody debris and removing camp trash along a relatively flat, moderately shaded 882ft route. It is just above 4,000 ft slightly cooler than the foothills. There is a beautiful overlook on the way to the site we will stop at to  enjoy. The site is just off of pavement and a short drive down a dirt road
Wednesday August 8th-  This site will involve removing trash, and will need lots of duff and woody debris to disguise. It is a short site with two spurs, moderately sunny, and on a paved road, so no 4×4 drive needed to join us on this project.
Thursday August 23rd-  We will work on excluding a wide, illegal 4×4 OHV route. This day will include placing duff and debris to disguise, filling rills, and creating water bars to improve hydrology, if possible. The drive is on pavement until the last 1.5 miles down a dirt, forest service road. This is a longer site (1200ft), so the more hands the merrier!
Wednesday August 29th–  Saving the best for last! We will be working on a site that directly crosses the Steely Fork of the Consumnes River. This site is down an eroded forest service road, we are looking for volunteers with 4×4 drive to help carpool to this site. That being said this site needs a lot of work! It has 4×4 traffic driving through the water and is eroding both banks. Tell our water and fish loving friends! We will need to duff and disguise to exclude and possibly install bollards to prevent OHV water crossing.
RSVP to Kaitlin@sierranevadaconservation.org