Right-size the national forest road system

Our long-term goals include right-sizing the national forest road system, which is now more than 375,000 miles of roads—enough to circle the equator fifteen times! Adopting a minimum necessary road system that the agency can afford to maintain will result in improved ecological conditions while providing reliable, consistent recreational access for all forest users.



Restore forest meadows

The majority of meadows on Sierra Nevada forests have been impacted by dams, grazing or roads. Many wildlife species, both terrestrial and aquatic, depend on meadows for their existence. CSNC is looking forward to partnering with the Eldorado National Forest to restore damaged meadows.



Environmental Education

CSNC hopes to inspire today’s children to be tomorrow’s good stewards of our public lands.



Smart Growth

Smart Growth In El Dorado County that provides permanent, good-paying jobs—not more high-end housing and additional traffic.

“Growth for the sake of growth is the ideology of the cancer cell.”
Edward Abbey