El Dorado County is updating its General Plan (GP) Biological Resources Policies, and we have an opportunity to comment on the proposals.  Land use affects everything about our quality of life, from how close our neighbors are to how crowded our roads.  It also impacts the natural environment, including wildlife, oak woodlands, sensitive plants and water supplies.

The Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation’s (CSNC) is particularly concerned about our fast-disappearing oak woodlands and the effect on wildlife habitat and movement.  The County plans  to “mitigate” losses of oak woodland by purchasing development rights on grazing lands far from where wildlife is being threatened. Since those remote grazing lands are highly unlikely ever to be developed anyway, this so-called mitigation is a net loss for wildlife habitat and does nothing to protect important habitat and corridors actually being used by wildlife.

CSNC is proposing an alternative, asking the County to analyze where wildlife actually lives and provide long-term refuges and corridors for them to move about.  If the County does nothing for wildlife, their movement and migration corridors will be eliminated, and any future potential to provide for them will disappear. Preserving some of the Highway 50 corridor habitat for wildlife will also help curb some of the dense growth there, as well as the resulting additional traffic.

You can make a difference for both wildlife and your future, by supporting our Conservation Alternative.  CSNC is developing and will present to the County a feasible alternative that will protect oak woodlands and the wildlife that depends on them.  Primarily, we are asking the County to analyze an alternative that provides wildlife corridors along Highway 50, where wild animals are most constrained.

CSNC’s Conservation Alternative will:

  • Analyze “corridors” where wildlife might cross highways if able to do so.
  • Provide for directing mitigation funds to preserve habitat.
  • Link public lands to form refuges for wild animals.

Comments on the El Dorado County General Plan are due by August 15, 2016.  Please indicate your support for CSNC’S Conservation Alternative, which will provide analysis of the actual impacts to wildlife and oak woodlands.

Support CSNC’s Conservation Alternative! 

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Protect El Dorado County wildlife and oak woodlands

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Dear Ms. Purvines,
As residents of El Dorado County, my family and I value the beauty and biological diversity of our county. The proposed changes to the General Plan Biological Policies will threaten those values by further development of the Highway 50 corridor, to the detriment of oak woodlands and the wildlife that relies on that habitat. It will also cut off the few remaining places where wildlife are able to cross Highway 50. It is critical that this north/south corridor remain available for safe wildlife movement.
Furthermore, the changes will add to the dense development of the Hwy 50 corridor, increasing traffic on an already congested freeway. We urge you to adopt the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation's Conservation Alternative, which will protect wildlife corridors and oak woodlands.