The CSNC restoration team and eight volunteers, ranging in age from 12 to mid-70s, headed out to Amador Ranger District on Saturday to restore an illegal hill climb route near Sopiago Creek.


As part of a large local network of non-system trails, the track was contributing a significant amount of sediment to Sopiago Creek.

With the help of our hardworking volunteers, we were able to begin to stop this erosion by filling in the rills, covering bare ground, and disguising the trail to improve habitat for plants and animals on land and in the creek. We didn’t see any Western Pond Turtles, a vulnerable species that can be found in the area, but we did see a little sharp-tailed snake! A big thank you to everyone who came out with us!
We had a fantastic day working and enjoying the forest. We even got to eat our lunches and cool off by the creek!