Hello Friends!

Our restoration team recently broke their log length record by using our grip hoist to repurpose a 15 foot log to utilize as an exclusion! It barely fit in our trailer! We used this and two other large log exclusions to shut off a grouping of three illegal OHV trails in sensitive Southern Deer Winter Range near Darling Ridge in Georgetown. Of these three trails, one was being used to access a cluster of oak trees that were being poached for their wood. We counted 9 stumps as well as two downed trees that were likely being aged for next season. Cutting off this road was a bonus to our primary objective of blocking unauthorized, user-created routes in the Eldorado National Forest.


Site of oak poaching
Exclusion close-up









In addition to sinking large logs as exclusions, we also filled eroded rills and spread duff and debris to both cover the bare ground and disguise the route. Check out these before and after photos at two of the sites!

Site 1                                                                              Site 2