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Rubicon Trail Settlement

"A win for everyone!"

Eight Appellants, including conservation and off-road organizations, as well as El Dorado County, dropped their appeals of a U.S. Forest Service Decision that grants the County an easement for the route of the historic Rubicon Off-Road Trail and approvals for trail improvements.  Changes to the Decision, negotiated and agreed to by the eight appellants, will require the County to close the Trail when weather conditions are likely to result in runoff of sediment and petroleum products.....(more)

December 2012

Winter Newsletter

Conservationists Double down on Reward for Petroglyph Vandals

Georgetown, Calif.— A $1,000 reward offered by the Bureau of Land Management for information leading to the arrest and conviction of vandals who carted off or defaced several ancient petroglyphs near Bishop has been doubled, with the offer of an additional $1,000 by the Center for Sierra Nevada Conservation (CSNC). ( Read more...)

October 3, 2012

Link to the Forest Service Podcast on Travel Management

The Initiation of "Subpart A"

In this podcast (transcript also available) Deputy Regional Forester Ron Ketter, who is leading up the effort in California, discusses the process of attempting to address the agency's expensive and bloated road system.  Ron lets listeners know that the agency’s road system is too large, unaffordable and needs to be balanced with resource protection. He notes that TAP isn’t a decision making process. Instead, forests will gather existing information about the current transportation system and develop a report that makes recommendations that can be used to  inform future decision making efforts. Ron acknowledges that the forest service intends to reach out to and work with the public in this effort. It’s under 10 minutes and worth a quick listen.

Meadows in Jeopardy!

July 2012 Update

“Closing 89 miles of ORV routes that unnecessarily cut through important meadow habitats and already-damaged riverside conservation areas is a big step in the right direction”

Judge orders meadow protection over objections of Forest Service and off-roaders (press release 7/31/2012)

Judge Karlton's Eldorado closure order (pdf)

CSNC comments on the Proposed Rule for National Forest Land Management Planning

The proposed rule falls far short of what is needed.... We urge the Forest Service to adopt scientifically valid standards.

September 9, 2009

Destructive Sierra Nevada Off-Road Vehicle Plan Challenged

Press Release

Legal Complaint filed against USFS Decision (pdf)

New Tahoe National Forest Proposal Lacks Balance

Quiet Recreation Shortchanged

OHV Route Designation

CSNC Position Paper

What a Mess!

2008 Photo essays document how SPI timber harvesting practices devastate forest ecosystems, and leave behind eroded, poisoned and fireprone landscapes.

SPI plantations along Wentworth Springs Road, El Dorado County (980 kb pdf)

Mount Lassen area SPI impacts (480 kb pdf)

In the Money and Out of Control

Full Report

Executive Summary

CSNC's 1999 report, California's Off-Highway Vehicles: In the Money and Out of Control, has been widely circulated, with requests for copies coming from several governmental bodies, both within and outside California. In California, the improprieties documented in the report have led to a complete overhaul of the State's OHV Division. Regulations were adopted that implement environmental protections for public lands where OHV use is funded by the state. There is an environmental majority on the State's Off Highway Vehicle Commission. Former Governor Davis established an OHV Stakeholders Roundtable, where OHV users and environmentalists hammered out changes to the program that largely benefit the environment and wildlife. AB2274, which became law on January 1, 2003, greatly reduces the allowable decibel levels for vehicles used on public lands, from 101 db to 96 db. For more on these changes visit the California OHV Division website, at

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